Interior Clean and Protect Kit

Interior Clean and Protect Kit

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Most of us spend the majority of our time behind the wheel.

Isn't it a great feeling sliding into a seat of a clean and detailed interior of a vehicle regardless if you are a driver or a passenger?

This professional Jax Wax Interior Clean, Dress and Protect Kit contains everything that you need to clean, dress, detail and transform your vehicle's interior into Showroom Fresh condition.
This Jax Wax Interior Clean, Dress and Protect Kit kit has been put together by professionals to ensure that you have everything that you need in one place instead of searching and purchasing all the car care products you need separately, and at a savings of $13.00.
Whether you are new to Jax Wax car care products and just want to try and test them, or a veteran Jax Wax user, this kit is ideal is ideal in either case for creating an exceptional vehicle appearance. Many customers carry the kit with them when going to shows for easy "touch up".


1 Interior Cleaner 16oz

- Easily Cleans any Plastic, Vinyl or Leather Surface.

- Makes any surface look like new.

- Lifts off scuff marks, grime, and dirt with ease.

- Professional strength formula perfect for upholstery, vinyl and convertible tops

1 Jax Wax Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 16oz
- The days of endlessly scrubbing Your carpet, floor mats and cloth upholstery with shampoo are over.

- This product packs an awesome punch to effortlessly clean dirty, soiled areas easily.

1 Jax Interior 16oz
- Clean satin finish

- UV Protection

- Simply spray and wipe

- Pleasant Scent

- It Doesn't get any easier than this

1 Glass Cleaner 16oz
- Easily clean glass to a streak-free finish

- Contains no ammonia

- Safe for tinted windows

- Easily dissolves the toughest smudges, smoke film, scum, smears, bugs, tree sap and other soil from glass surfaces

- Simply spray and wipe!

2 Jax Wax Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels 16X16
- One of the most important things to have in your detailing arsenal are microfiber towels, and plenty of them! There are a lot of different options and types of microfiber towels available. Here at Jax Wax we have put an emphasis on providing the highest quality microfiber towels in the industry. Through our trial and error you can trust that the microfiber towels we now offer will exceed your expectations!

1 Jax Wax Premium Twisted Loop Double Sided Glass Towel

- This Twisted Loop design of this Microfiber towel picks up contaminants from Glass like a Magnet, and Absorbs Liquid Like a Sponge.

- The texture of this towel makes cleaning glass a breeze. The texture is perfect for picking up grime and moisture from glass making it easy to get a streak-free finish.

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