Autofiber Microfiber Wash Mitt

Autofiber Microfiber Wash Mitt

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The [Wash Monster] Car Wash Mitt is made from an extra long pile microfiber material. At 9" x 7" the generous size mitt will hold tons of suds while it gently agitates and releases dirt from your exterior surfaces. 

Don't confuse this microfiber car mitt with other similar looking products. Ours features two different lengths and densities of fibers (inferior materials have uniform length and density fibers which are simply two tone colors). The shorter, more dense, white fibers expand and hold the suds while the longer green fibers gently tickle and agitate dirt and grit on the car surface. 

We suggest using this microfiber car wash hand mitt with a Grit Guard and Washboard, and a 2 bucket wash method, to insure that you are always wiping with a clean pad. When you are done blast the pad with your hose or pressure washer to remove any residue that is left behind. 

NOTE: The high pile microfiber car mitt comes out of the bag a little stiff. Get it wet, wring it out, and twist it a few times, and it will be the perfect stiffness. Not to floppy and not too stiff!

Happy Washing!

Pack Qty: 1

Size: 9"x7"

Weight: 1000 GSM

Blend: 80/20

Material: Plush

Edge Type: Banding

Made in China

SKU ML1000BL-1