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Jax Wax Lexington LLC is the Central Kentucky Distributor of, Jax Wax Premium Car Care and Automotive Detailing products, tools and accessories. 

In 2021, a friend recommended Jax Wax products to me at a car show that we attended. I then began to order a lot of the products from Jax Wax to show my support towards a great company that puts the customers first. Later into the year I reached out to Jax Wax cooperate to see if I could become a sponsored vehicle on the Instagram platform. They accepted me into the #TeamJaxWax program. Later into the year Me & my wife had a conversation after attending a Halloween Street Madness event in Columbus, OH. I told her that I would love to start up our own thing in the state of Kentucky for all the car enthusiasts and for average people that just love taking care of their vehicles.

In 2022, we decided to make it official and become a distributor for Jax Wax. As of now we are working out of our home to provide faster shipping and local delivery. However, we will be attending local, state and some out of state car shows.

-Our vision is to open a retail store for everyone to stop by and get whatever products they want instead of having to order online.

Thank You for reading our story,

 Mr. & Mrs. Sexton - Owners

Jax Wax Lexington LLC.



Since 1993, Jax Wax Car Care and Automotive Detailing products have been manufactured exclusively for Professional use in order to Realize Outstanding Results the First Time and Be Fast and Easy to use. Jax Wax is the best source for professional-grade car care and automotive detailing products that are fast and easy to use with excellent results. 

In 2008, the quality and results of our products had spread to consumers through word of mouth. People began inquiring as to how they could get the same professional automotive detailing products to get the same results on their vehicles.

Up until that time, we had never packaged our products in "consumer friendly" quantities. We were used to providing our products in drums, pails and gallons.

Well, consumer demand was so high that we decided to give people what they want, the same professional automotive detailing products in smaller consumer-friendly quantities. Since that time, the consumer part of our business continues to grow on word of mouth.


Unlike many other retail car care products, all Jax Wax products are manufactured right here in-house. The key to having great products is using the best American-Made raw materials available. We refuse to use less expensive, imported raw materials in order to increase our profits. Manufacturing might cost less, but the products just don't work as well. By using the finest ingredients, we can control and ensure the highest quality and performance of Jax Wax products.


Our largest customer base is commercial - Car Dealers, Body Shops and Professional Detailers. Jax Wax Products are used in 97 out of 105 New Car Dealerships in the greater Columbus, OH area. Our commercial customers need products that are fast and easy to use, work the first time and are long-lasting - in their business time is money and results matter. That's why they use professional products instead of getting their supplies from the "wax wall" at Walmart or common chain parts stores. 

You will be extremely satisfied with the quality and performance of our products, fast delivery and outstanding customer service. I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE IT.

Thank you for your business!

Jack Minor  - Owner 
Jax Wax Inc.