Streak Free Glass Cleaner

Streak Free Glass Cleaner

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Jax Wax Streak-Free Glass Cleaner Will Clean Your Glass Perfectly Inside and Out with NO Streaks.

- Jax Wax Streak-Free Glass Cleaner is safe and easy to use.

- It has no Ammonia and is safe for tinted windows. 

- It removes stubborn stains, crud and bug guts easily!

- For best results, use Jax Wax Premium Twisted Loop Double Sided Glass Towel.

- Use Jax Wax Streak-Free Glass Cleaner on all glass, mirrors, and windows.

- Spray liberally on glass surface, wipe off for a clean, streak-free finish.


1. Spray liberally on Glass Surface

2. Wipe Off for a Clean, Streak-Free Finish